in rome as at home

modernity meets classicism in the heart of rome

In Roman mythology, “genius loci” was a spirit that was said to guard a place.

It is indefinable yet inherent in the hotel’s architecture and intention to serve as an urban oasis.

The spaces, the finishes, the materials, and the art reinterpret Roman classicism and history into a contemporary vision and comfy hotel room to stay.

In the 96 guest rooms and suites, the use of traditional cocciopesto plaster and Travertine limestone, the patterns, and the graphic design elements combine with suspended plants and natural light, focusing on well-being and a sense of conviviality and sustainability.

Located on the fourth floor, a one-of-a-kind two bedrooms suite with generous indoor and outdoor living space, including views on San Marcello al Corso Church and Altare della Patria, it features an extensive terrace, unique works of art on the walls, and Italian vintage chandeliers and armchairs, a living area and dining space, and fully equipped kitchenette , where private dining with our crew of chefs can be booked – a nod to the Italian tradition of conviviality.