laucala, fiji

laucala unites dramatic rainforest-laced landscapes and white sandy beaches with unparalleled levels of luxury and privacy.

Set over 1.400 hectares, Laucala epitomises the seclusion and graceful hospitality for which the Fijian archipelago is famed.

Laucala´s 25 villas, all glamorous versions of traditional Fijian dwellings, each offer unparalleled exclusivity and privacy in dramatic, and very different, locations around the northern coast of the island.

Eleven Plantation villas are set amid a coconut grove beside a private beach; four Plateau villas perch atop Nawi Mountain at the heart of the island, ringed by rainforest and offering unbroken views of the sea; seven Seagrass villas line a powder-white beach.

The Peninsula villa hugs a cliff and crescent-shapped beach.

The Overwater villa is set above an emerald-green lagoon; and the Hilltop Estate sits at one of the island´s highest points, commanding views of the Fijian archipielago.

Overwater Residence is one of the brillant colours that elevate this resort to a noble holiday work of art.

The guests at Hilltop Residence live «up on top». High up in the opulent green hills of Laucala Island, with 1.200sqm of living space, 11.000sqm of bedroom space, and other private quarters, an unusually designed main residence with its own panoramic pool landscape, two spacious guest residences, and special services such as a private cook, a chauffeur, and a private nanny.


Stay and sustainability go hand in hand throughout, from the natural fibres and woods used in design to the wild orchids harvested in gardens and organic produce grown on island farms.