luxury and adventure in iceland

unquestionably the ultimate Icelandic heliski adventure – fly and ski around the desolate volcanic island…

Heli-skiing in Iceland is one of the most unique experiences around. The mountains may not be particularly high but many runs end right on the beach and few can boast 1,200 vertical metre fall-line runs right back to the lodge.





Accommodations in selected hotels like the contemporary boutique hotel Hjalteyri, in Bauhaus style, the views of the surrounding peaks and fjord below are nothing short of spectacular.

With the fjord lapping on the doorstep and the helicopter parked next door; it is the perfect heliski staging post to explore some of the dramatic ocean runs of the legendary ‘Gold Coast’.


“It is the time of year when endless descents down to the beach under a golden arctic sky drift to the forefront of the imagination.

With the combination of ease of access, exceptional terrain, ideal snow conditions, and a real spirit of adventure, now guests have the choice of opting for the skiing adventure of a lifetime – jump aboard the “Ring of Fire” adventure, the pinnacle of heli-skiing in Iceland.