mango house, seychelles

a house with heritage

The house is perched on the edge of Anse a la Mouche Bay in the south of Seychelles.

The former family home of Italian photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri, Mango House honors its Seychellois roots with artisanal charm and thoughtful service that’s true to the island’s vibrant culture.

The pinnacle of luxury, the Bay House, has its own private pool and an unforgettable setting overlooking the bay.

Outside, the large terrace is the ideal spot for soaking up the view and inside you’ll find three bedrooms, one bedroom pool suite on the ground floor, and two grand terrace rooms on the first floor, with distinct views of Anse Aux Poules Bleues Bay.

The villa comes with its own private butler.


Serenity can be found in any number of places and in any number of ways. For some people it’s turning off their phone, posting up at a poolside cabana all day. For others, it’s seeking local flavors in exotic destinations like Mango House in Seychelles.