porsche ice driving experience in sweden

try something a little different and have fun in a car in a lifetime. 

Imagine driving a rally-winning Porsche 911 on an ice-covered lake and meticulously prepared circuits, cushioned by snow banks.


The base is in Åre and is made up of 12km of custom-designed tracks carved into the ice and snow. Comprising a double slalom to warm up, a drifting circle, and 3 separate circuits increasing in technical difficulty, there is something for everyone.



Ice Driving’s fleet of Porsches has been specially designed and prepped for this extreme environment. All the cars have been built by Tuthill Porsche to compete at the highest levels in classic rallying. No other operator offers this type of competition car.

Master the balance between throttle and steering with a very experienced team of exceptional instructors.

You will be taught to drive Tuthill Porsche rally-prepared 911s to the limit.

Åre is Scandinavia’s largest winter sports resort, so there is plenty of skiing available for all abilities. If you are struggling to fit it all in, the resort also offers floodlit night skiing.

You can travel the old-fashioned way on a traditional dog sleigh through the stunning winter scenery to our remote hunting lodge.