soneva jani, maldives

a new benchmark for over-water eco-luxury villas’ barefoot look.

Treat yourself with a unique “castaway” experience within the spacious villas, which feature beautifully designed interiors made from the highest quality sustainable materials.

A collection of Water Villas and Island Sanctuaries feature master bedrooms with retractable roofs and a living area with sunken seats.

A roof deck features a curved water slide, delivering you directly to the lagoon below.

An expansive beachfront mansion, the Four Bedroom Island Reserve affords a wealth of luxury while allowing for customisation depending on your requirements.

The pool has its own water slide, as well as a dedicated children’s pool.

Each of the private villas are fitted with luxurious, yet mindful, decor and furnishings. 

Full of natural light, uninhibited views of the lagoon, sweeping spaces and cozy niches, the overwater havens feel like home.

A lifetime of rare experiences awaits you in Maldives.