unusual destination

do something that reflects the adventurous souls you are

When it comes to your honeymoon, there are plenty of reasons to consider heading somewhere off the beaten path.

The motivation to move beyond bucket-list destinations has more to do with eschewing “must-do” lists in favor of bonding over a unique adventure.  You really get to be explorers together and do something organic.

Making those memories is what’s going to last your lifetime.

Antartica is the world’s 7th and least visited continent with no permanent population. It offers a rare glimpse into another world.

It is a truly remarkable destination. Its emote, dramatic landscapes are rarely experienced. Set sail past mighty icebergs and fjords, step onto frozen land and witness iconic Antarctic wildlife.

An expedition to Antarctica is a truly life-changing experience.

This unique landscape is the stuff dreams are made of and the unusual adventure in Antarctica are awe-inspiring.

Take a deep breath and cross Drake’s Passage savouring every moment of your journey into a land of extremes. Beneath a summer sun that never sets, say hello to waddles of penguins, navigate through giant icebergs, learn about the wildlife, anchor in sublime blue bays, set foot on ancient glaciers and take a swim in icy waters.

Antarctica will get under your skin and you will leave exhilarated. Prepare to feel small.

You haven’t really experienced life, until the moment you are out on a dog sled, under the northern lights, surrounded by fjords and colors you didn’t know before!

The Arctic is the northernmost part of the planet and offers an amazing array of activities and experiences.

Here you can experience something completely different, the polar bear – also known as the King of the Arctic- viewing.

Best known for its stunning, sprawling wilderness, Greenland is the ultimate expedition destination for intrepid and curious travelers. The largest island on the planet, its pristine coastal areas, massive fjords and immense parks make Greenland a nature lover’s paradise. In the heart of the Greenlandic wilderness lies a hidden gem waiting to be explored. In many terms these parts of the world are still undiscovered.

Greenland is so much more than a destination, it’s a true experience of a lifetime!